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What does Ultraformer
Offer You?


Ultraformer is a non-invasive, nonsurgical face lifting and contouring treatment, which uses High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), to stimulate collagen regeneration and tighten your skin.

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Ultraformer is a non-surgical procedure that uses HIFU to target specific layers in the skin without damaging the epidermis


Ultraformer leaves an immediate impression! The generated heat causes immediate skin tightening due to the coagulation it causes in the muscle tissue. Results continue to show during the following 3 months.


The collagen in the targeted area is remodeled as part of the healing process in the 6 weeks following the treatment, leading to continued improvement of the results during that period.

Safe Procedure
With No Downtime

Since Ultraformer is a noninvasive treatment that is based on delivering HIFU to specific points in the skin without damaging the superficial layer, you can go back to your daily activities immediately after the session.


The unique design of the elliptical transducer delivers effective, fast pulses of energy, shortening the treatment time to 20-30 minutes only.

Natural Looking

Ultrafomer offers you natural-looking, harmonious results because it stimulates collagen remodeling naturally.

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